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The Collective

because you're more than your imposter syndrome

you've been taught to focus on outcomes,
not on the process. but what if the process is
where the magic happens?

Can you imagine a world where you no longer have to deal with

imposter syndrome?

Hi, I'm Taina, a coach for people who have been historically marginalized and excluded from spaces and opportunities that could help them thrive.

I spent years fighting imposter syndrome and doubting myself. It didn't matter what space I was in--personal or professional--imposter syndrome bled into area of my life and stagnated my potential. Year after year, despite all the positivity and manifestation I tried, I continued to struggle with my imposter syndrome. And I tried a lot of things! Self-help books, meditation and prayer, journaling, positive thinking...the list goes on and on. 

It wasn't until I began to consider that maybe I wasn't the problem that things began to shift for me. You see, the issue with most of the tools out there that promise the kind of transformation I was looking for had me focusing on my individual efforts to combat my self-doubt and insecurities. And that helped...for a little while anyway. But that approach doesn't get to the real heart of the matter: we live in a world that is not set up to see us reach our full potential. 

The bottom line is that if you're a Black person, Indigenous, or a person of color there are structures in your life that have created obstacles in your path. Sometimes that looks like a gatekeeper in your industry of specialty and sometimes that looks a lot more harmful like police violence in your community. These things create the perfect environment for imposter syndrome to settle into your psyche. That's because imposter syndrome is a result of living in a world that is not optimized for your success

When I began to reframe my thinking about imposter syndrome I began to see clarity about who I was and what I valued. My confidence shot up and my imposter syndrome went from a loud roar to a whisper. That was almost ten years ago and since then I've helped my clients do the exact same thing. And now, I'm opening doors to The Collective group coaching program to help you accelerate this process in a way that 1-0n-1 coaching cannot. Here's why the cohort model is better for dealing with imposter syndrome: structural problems mean that groups of people are functioning in such a way as to uphold those structures. And when it comes to the structural problems that create imposter syndrome, it's going to take a group of people to help you imagine what the world could look like for you if imposter syndrome were no longer an issue. 



The Collective is 3 months of a transformative group coaching experience that is going to help you live your truest, most radically authentic life by removing the one thing that keeps getting in your way: imposter syndrome.

If you...

  • can't seem to shake off feeling like an imposter at work and in your life

  • have tried so many things but you still keep hitting a wall 

  • are ready to stop chasing the next self-help or positivity trend


then know that you're not alone. I've created this program just for people like you because I've been there and I know how critical a group setting can be to get us out of our heads and into real, transformative action. In fact, it wasn't until I found myself in a group coaching program that I was able to focus on what was really holding me back and see tangible results. Why? Because group programs have built-in accountability and support. Plus, doing things with friends is always more fun than doing things alone!

During this program, here's what you'll experience:​

  • a supportive, safe environment where you are free to experiment with your values and make mistakes

  • how to set healthy boundaries so that you can be vulnerable and authentic on your own terms

  • discovering the underlying causes that trigger your imposter syndrome so you can turn it into the smallest of whispers

  • coaching and guidance to help you set up your personal and professional life in a way that works for you despite the structural obstacles you may be facing

  • a group of folks who will go to bat for you and are invested in your success

  • and more!

Applying to The Collective is a serious commitment and will require at least 3-5 hours per week including group sessions and work on your own time. The question isn't whether or not The Collective is the right move for you. The question is who do you want to be by this time next year what do you want to be doing? Without intentional action that moves you toward the life you really want to live, you will find yourself still stuck without clarity or direction.

Choose to make this investment in yourself--when you look back a year from now, you'll be grateful you did!

The Collective runs from August 4 2022 through October 27, 2022. You must apply and be invited to participate. If you're ready to embrace your full potential and create the live you've always dreamed of apply today!



A transformative group coaching experience for folks who have been historically excluded from spaces and resources that can help them thrive

90 days of:

clarifying and walking in your values

so you never have to feel like an 

imposter again!


      The Collective FAQs

The questions I most frequently get asked about the program. Don't see your question here? Feel free to email me or connect with me on Instagram and I'll get on it!


1. What is the structure of the program?
The Collective is a 3-month intensive group coaching program. It is designed to provide both group and one-on-one support to help you curate the life you want and love. You'll do this by meeting with the group for three weeks/month and meeting one-on-one with me, your new coach, once/month. Each week, prior to your group session, you'll receive a link to relevant content you'll need to review and any additional resources that will help prepare you for our group sessions. Our group sessions will be to review the work you've already done on your own and to help you implement in a way that works for you. You'll submit a brief coaching agenda before each group session and 1-on-1 session that will help inform the structure of our time together. You will also have access to unlimited email coaching throughout the duration of the program and 1 follow-up 60-minute accountability coaching call (to be used by December 31, 2022).

2. What is the structure of the group calls?
Group calls will function as a collaborative learning experience. Each call will have a specific topic that we'll review based on the pre-session homework. The beginning of the group session will be check-ins and review as I go over the specific theme for that week. The second half of the group session will consist of Q&A and implementation of each week's topic. 

3. How can I be sure that I'll be seen and heard in a group setting?
Great question! I've worked diligently to be sure that The Collective remains a small group. My goal is no more than 12 members. By ensuring that the group remains this small, I guarantee that all of your questions and needs will be addressed and met. Additionally, implementation coaching, the one-on-one calls, and the unlimited email coaching give you ample opportunity to make sure that you're getting the most out of the program. 

4. What will the one-on-one calls be like?
This is probably one of my favorite things about the program! While the group calls are mostly pre-designed, the one-on-one calls can be about anything you want them to be. You can use this time to go a bit deeper than the group calls, as a time to ask all your questions, or as an opportunity to work on a specific goal. I've had Collective group members use our one-on-ones as a time to specifically work on career goals and other members use the time to really dive deep into figuring out their imposter syndrome triggers--and that's totally fine! YOU get to set the pace and tone of the one-on-one calls with me. 

5. How much work/time will the program require?
Another great question! Coaching is all about facilitating your growth and potential. This means that while I will be hard at work facilitating this growth and potential in you, you will also be hard at work implementing and strategizing on your end. Coaching is a collaborative relationship and as such will require a mutual commitment. That said, aside from the group and one-on-one calls, you can expect to put in about 2-3 hours each week on homework and implementation. 

6. This all sounds great, but what am I actually walking away with at the end of the program?
I'm glad you asked! Here is a list of results you can expect at the end of the 3 months:

  • Less time spent in your head doubting yourself and more time spent savoring every moment of your life

  • Less time wondering what you're good at and what you want to do with your life and more time honing your unique skills and strengths

  • Less missed opportunities because you don't think you're good enough and more time making the most of everything that comes your way

  • Less negative self-talk and more loving on yourself in a truly transformational way

  • Less putting your dreams and goals on hold because you're afraid of failure and more time making your dreams and goals a reality

7. Do I have to pay the full price upfront? Are there payment plans available?
Coaching is something that I've been doing for a long time; I love it enough to do it for free if I could! I also take your journey very seriously and am committed to your personal and professional development. The value of the program is currently at $2000, but there is a payment plan available. You can choose to make a deposit of 50% up front and pay the remaining balance by about the mid-way point of the program (by September 8, 2022).  


Additionally, my goal has always been to serve Black/Brown communities as well as folks in the LGBTQ+ community and I know that a lot of my ideal clients are often marginalized and forced to remain in low-wage employment. If you're certain that this program is exactly what you need but are unable to make these payment terms, please reach out to me! We can discuss some additional options based on your unique circumstances. You can email me at:

8. Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with the results?
Unfortunately not. Just as I take your journey and development very seriously, I also ask that you take your own journey and personal development very seriously. As I mentioned in question #5, this is a mutual relationship that requires work from both of us. I highly recommend that you consult with yourself earnestly before entering into any coaching relationship (with me or another professional) to be sure that you are ready to put in the necessary work to get the outcomes you desire. As your coach, I can only facilitate your journey, you are responsible for making the implementation necessary for the results you seek. 

9. How do I know if The Collective is right for me?
Below is a list of reasons you would be a good fit for the program. This is not a comprehensive list, and you may be on the fence about some of these reasons, but if you're ready to dive in, what are you waiting for? Apply today!

  1. You identify as a member of the LGTBQ+ community and/or as woman or person who is Black, Indigenous or a person of color

  2. You know you have a lot to offer but need clarity on where to begin

  3. You understand the value in working collaboratively with a thought partner

  4. You're tired of wasting time feeling like an imposter and are ready to kick some ass

  5. You hate beating around the bush and want someone to give it to you straight

  6. You don't mince words and always follow through on your commitments

  7. You have a generous heart and tend to give more than you receive

  8. You're looking for like-minded people to be with on this journey

  9. You aren't easily intimidated or offended by words like 'fuck' or 'shit'

  10. You're an idea machine but need help choosing the right one and taking it to the next level

  11. Your schedule is outta control and you're tired of being busy---you want to be efficient and live life on your own terms

© 2019, 2022 by Taina M Brown, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

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