FREE Strategy Call

If you're on the fence about whether or not coaching is for you, book a FREE 30-minute strategy call with me.


We'll tackle one issue that you're having trouble working through and equip you with some tools and resources for your next steps. 

1-on-1 Coaching

1 MONTH: Mindset Shift

Designed to help you clear out the mental muck getting in the way of figuring out your core self. Perfect if you're looking for an intensive mindset audit and accountability.

  • 4 sessions

  • Define your core values and personal philosophy

  • Take inventory of your boundaries and goals via an intensive life audit

  • Define and set boundaries that allow you to be generous with yourself and the things and people that are important to you

  • 1 BONUS session 3 weeks after completion to catch up and troubleshoot any problem areas

  • Unlimited email and slack coaching

Investment: $549​, $599 with payment plan

1 MONTH: Mindset Shift - Anti-Racist Track

Designed for white and non-Black POC who are ready to do the hard work of becoming an accomplice in the movement to dismantle white supremacy. Priced at a premium because the emotional labor of anti-racist work is a heavy investment only for those who are completely committed to the cause. 

  • 4 sessions

  • Unpack your privilege: make the connections between history and your present state of affairs

  • Expose your biases: specially curated assignments that will help you identify where you need to shift your mindset

  • Unlearn how to ignore racist behavior when you see it and hear it

  • Get connected to an anti-racist organization in your community

  • 1 BONUS accountability session 3 weeks after completion to make sure personal implementation of everything learned is going well

  • Unlimited email and slack coaching

Investment: $797​, $897 with payment plan

3 MONTHS: Strategizing Success

Designed to help you strategize your next big move. Perfect if you're in a transitional space and need help prioritizing and planning so you land on your feet. 

  • 9 sessions

  • Define your personal values and philosophy

  • Discover your unique brand of creativity

  • 2 laser coaching session for when shit hits the fan and you need to talk ASAP

  • BONUS session and specially curated support kit by mail upon completion 

  • Learn how to embrace failure as part of your creative journey

  • Embrace your fears as teachers there to instruct your growth

  • Unlimited email and slack coaching

Investment: $1197, $1297 with payment plan

Membership Program


The Collective Membership: Year-round

Membership in The Collective is for individuals looking for low-touch, high-impact support. This is perfect for those in leadership positions or entrepreneurs who can benefit from being part of an online community and having resources at their fingertips at all times. Membership includes:

  • Weekly motivational newsletter to keep you on your A-game

  • Monthly masterclasses on topics ranging from leading your team through a crisis to building personal resilience

  • Monthly calendar templates and downloadables to help you maximize your time 

  • Access to a private Facebook community

  • Discounts on my other offerings

  • Ad hoc, 30 minute, 1-on-1 coaching sessions (10 per calendar year)

Investment: $1099, $99/monthly with payment plan

Organizational Consulting

If your organization or team is going through some changes or you're looking to add a spark to your day-to-day office environment, then this is the service for you. Services can include:

  • Team building and leadership development

  • DEI auditing and workshops

  • Socially innovative strategy sessions

  • Organizational change facilitation

  • Implementing company culture

  • Communication and critical thinking

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