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Theory of Change Consulting

I opened Theory of Change Consulting in early 2022 with my partner, Dr. Melo Yap, to support small-to-mid-size businesses and non-profits in their strategic missions. At Theory of Change Consulting, people come first. This translates to ethical data practices, impact-driven DEI work, and leadership coaching to develop the strengths of each team member. 

We can provide the following types of support for your organization:

planning and hosting team retreats

leading strategic planning sessions and sprints

assessment and evaluation of your current programs

DEI workshops and keynotes

To inquire about working with us, submit an interest form at the link below. 

Taina at the Power to Fly 2020 Diversity Reboot Summit:

"Uplifting Through Mentorship and Coaching"


What the clients are saying:

Taina was extremely knowledgeable and empowering.

Taina was an excellent presenter; great presenter and very informative. 

Taina was awesome, I felt very comfortable learning from her and I would love to be in a place where I can do so again!

The session was laid out clearly and was super easy to understand even from a beginner's point of view.

I just love how well put together these sessions are. I think they always bring in information you think you already know but then add nuggets that really help drive the points home.

Wonderful session with lots of clear, actionable takeaways.

Taina was an excellent presenter. This session really opened my eyes and encouraged me to continue to learn.

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