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What the clients are saying about my work:

Taina was an excellent presenter; great presenter and very informative. 

Taina was extremely knowledgable and empowering.

Taina was awesome, I felt very comfortable learning from her and I would love to be in a place where I can do so again!

The session was laid out clearly and was super easy to understand even from a beginner's point of view.

I just love how well put together these sessions are. I think they always bring in information you think you already know but then add nuggets that really help drive the points home.

Taina was an excellent presenter. This session really opened my eyes encouraged me to continue to learn.

Wonderful session with lots of clear, actionable takeaways.

Lunch n Learns + Workshops


If you're looking to support your team but can't commit to a heavy lift, this might be the best option for you and your team. Whether it's a singular workshop or a short series of lunch 'n' learns, we'll work around your team's current availability to hit your target goals and provide comprehensive support where it's needed. This service includes a 60-minute, pre-session discovery call to discuss your team's dynamics and goals, a 45-minute session, and a 30-minute post-session call to debrief. 


Topics I can address:

  • Project planning

  • Managing up and across

  • Leadership development for first-time managers

  • Boundaries at work

  • and more!

Keynotes + Special Events


I'd love to support your event by sharing my subject matter expertise. Bonus points if your event is in support of people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, Black women, or any combination thereof! This service includes 2 30-minute discovery calls ahead of the event to discuss your goals and expectations, 60-to-90 minutes of session engagement, and one 30-minute call post-event to debrief. 


Topics I have spoken on:

  • Positioning yourself as a thought leader

  • Redefining failure

  • Disruptive leadership

  • Imposter syndrome

  • and more!

DEI Consulting + Team Building


This is really my sweet spot! Using an anti-racism framework, my DEI consulting and team-building seminars ensure a transformational journey for you and your team unlike any other. This service is only offered at a minimum of 4 sessions given that the transformation expected in this type of work requires time for processing, a deep commitment to doing the work over an extended period of time, and iteration for lasting impact. 


Topics that can be covered:

  • DEI audits and strategic planning: You may be oblivious to the ways your company is continuing to recruit the same demographics. Having an outside perspective trained to see the gaps will help you eliminate any unconscious bias in your branding and long-term planning. 

  • Unconscious bias training: No one is immune from unconscious bias - we all have it. Part of the climbing over that hill is recognizing how it shows up from everyday exchanges to C-level decision making. 

  • Understanding privilege and intersectionality: These are loaded words that are often misused and misinterpreted. We'll get to the root of these words and what that means for how your team operates. 

  • Building cooperative teams: What sets winning teams apart? Cooperation over competition, connection over compartmentalization, and presence over productivity. 

  • and more!

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