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life coach Taina M Brown in a meadow looking to her right, wearing a grey tee and blue jeans with her hands on thighs. pine trees are behind her.

Feminist Life Coach and Thought Partner

for burned out and busy millennials

What if imposter syndrome is a precursor to realizing you are here to disrupt and revolutionize the status quo? What if being an imposter to an oppressive system means you are here to tear it down?

Bunny Michael

as heard on...

Your Spiritual BFF

with Hannah Easter Johnson

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Image by Luke Porter

Signature Program: 
The Collective - CLOSED

Image by Allison Wopata
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my method

my coaching method is driven by an  intersectional feminism that validates your lived experience in a world that generally hasn't  been designed with your success in mind. my method is also framed by my core values:

  • justice

  • liberation

  • emergence




Feminist Life Coach, Strategic Thinker, Coffee Lover, and Travel Enthusiast

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